September 6, 2007

Haiku: funny cause it's true

I'm now sitting on a handful of incomplete blog posts, including the one about how perfectionism keeps me from completing anything, so today I am submitting someone else's work. A selection of haiku poems by Tom Walmsley were published in the current issue of This magazine. These two struck most.
# 32

i generalize
just like everybody does
people amaze me


i had a short dream
i shot our hateful leader
dreams will soon be banned

The word 'haiku' was formed by the Japanese words for 'amusement' and 'sentence.' I was more amused by what Walmsley says in the quote at the bottom of his entry in The Encyclopedia of Canadian Theatre. I relate for sure, except for the daddy part or having been a heroin/alcohol addict; nonetheless, status quo be damned.

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